Study on MOOC Learners from India – A Call for Participation

Since the mainstream success of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in 2012, millions of learners around the world have used these free online learning resources. Learners from India represent one of the largest non-US number of participants, with 10-15% of all enrolments in Coursera and edX coming from India. Similarly, we have seen numerous anecdotal accounts[1,2,3,4] of Indians who have taken MOOCs and then landed successful jobs, entrance into prestigious universities, etc.

Anecdotal accounts aside, there hasn’t been an empirical study of MOOC learners from India – who they are, where do they come from, and most importantly, what are their experiences and knowledge gained from these resources. With the Indian Government investing significantly in bringing MOOCs within the formal higher educational space in India, it is imperative that a cautioned, evidence-based approach is used to understand what role, if any, MOOCs can have in the Indian context. For this reason, I am conducting a pan-India cross-disciplinary study of MOOC learners from India, as part of my PhD at The Open University, UK.

I have designed a brief survey, that should take no longer than 5-7 minutes to complete. This survey will give us a baseline understanding of the types of learners that use MOOCs in India, and will be useful in our understanding of the rich and varied experiences of Indian learners, that can help course providers get a better understanding of their audience

If you have enrolled in a MOOC and are from India, please consider taking and sharing the following survey:

Further, if you are an academic in India, please consider sharing the survey with your students. This survey has already been distributed at a number of IITs and IIMs, and if you would be interested in learning more about MOOC usage at your institution or workplace, please contact me (details below), I can create a unique survey link for your institution, and share the findings of the same.

Lastly, if you have any questions about this study, or would just like to share your thoughts or discuss potential collaborations, please get in touch!

My Twitter handle is @janeshsanzgiri , and my email address is <>


Thank you for your interest in this study!

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